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Welcome to the Physics Department

Welcome to the homepage of Department of Physics at UNISWA! Physics is important to understanding the governing laws of our physical world and beyond us. It is the most central field in the sciences and thus freshman physics is required in a number of Faculties at UNISWA that includes Agriculture, Consumer Science, and Health Sciences. Our four-year B.Sc. programmes are designed to produce graduates with a strong physics background and also well-prepared to pursue post-graduate education or to join the modern workforce. Our course offerings are structured to emphasis on all the three pillars of scientific enquiry; experiments, computing and theory.

Our web pages are intended to give you an overview of teaching programmes, research activities, and community outreach programmes. I hope that going through the rest of our web pages, you get a sufficient picture of the exciting activities we are engaged in. If you do need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr Simiso K. Mkhonta

Head of Physics


The University of Swaziland has established a Centre for Sustainable Energy Research (CSER) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The Centre’s mission is to conduct research to strengthen the capacity of energy sector actors in Swaziland, in order to contribute actively towards the replication and scaling up of successful energy technologies, policies and management practices, and increasing access to energy services for socio-economic development. An example of its capability is the qualitative and quantitative analysis of solar photovoltaic systems using electroluminescence imaging technique as shown above and I-V curve tracing. ...more

New Physics Weather Station

The Department of Physics has a state-of-the-art weather station, a facility with instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts and to study the weather and climate....more


UNESWA Vice Chancellor Opening Science Week

Eswatini Science Week was a five days celebration of science as part of Africa Science Week. The purpose of Africa Science Week 2018 - Eswatini is to promote science and technology related discoveries in Eswatini and the rest of the world and to encourage participation in coordinated science events through out the African continent. The scientific activities were spread throughout the country by using ground activities that cover all regions...more

Upcoming Seminars

Partial Differential Equations for Modelling of Microstructure Formation in Crystalline and Glassy States

Mathematics and computation have long played a central role in materials science and engineering, with efforts increasingly focused on the nanoscale. In this talk, I will present some of our recent work on the application of the phase-field crystal (PFC) formalism to examine the basic mechanisms governing the formation of a broad range of crystalline and armorphous states in two dimensions...more

Head of Department

"Physics is important to understanding the governing laws of our physical world and beyond us."


The Physics department has initiated an outreach programme for Schools in Swaziland. Dubbed “THE PHYSICS SHOW”, the show is offered free of charge to schools in Swaziland. This is a "fun" way of showcasing Physics and its application, removing the “scary equations”...more